Trainer David Williams, MA

Trainer David Williams, MA
Interactive training in peer support
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The Value of Critical Incident Stress Management

Mental Health first aid matters -- it really helps.
First responders are exposed to particularly stressful situations, even matters of life and death, much more frequently than the general public. Such exposure can result in the erosion of physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. Through proactive efforts of Critical Incident Stress Management, first responders, mental health professionals, faith-based workers, school personnel, and others are learning to care for one another in the first waves following a crisis. In addition, they are learning that private suffering does not have to be part of the job.

Tried and Tested Curriculum

Through the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc., David Williams has trained hundreds of first responders, mental health professionals, health care providers, clergy and educators in the Central Valley and Foothill regions of Northern California for the past few years. As a provider of CISM and with two decades as a communicator, David is able to bring together groups from different disciplines and various levels of training, to learn from one another and to use the tools of CISM in a fun and productive learning environment.

David regularly travels to host agencies for a per-student fee, provides the two day training and the Certificates of Completion from ICISF. He is qualified as a trainer of six ICISF courses, explained below. They are Group Crisis Intervention (Basic), Group Crisis Intervention (Advanced), Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support, A Three-Day Course that combines Group Crisis Intervention and Individual Crisis Intervention, Managing School Crises: From Theory to Application, Pastoral Crisis Intervention and Law Enforcement Perspectives.

David has worked alongside law enforcement since 1987. He has provided support and crisis intervention, integrating CISM since the early 2000s. He worked in newspaper publishing for eight years, worked in the local church pastorate for 20 years and currently serves as administrative chaplain for three public agencies and corporate chaplain for a global food manufacturer, in addition to being an active trainer. David's education includes undergraduate work in journalism, a Bachelor of Arts degree in pastoral ministries and a Master of Arts degree in Conflict Management. He is a Board Certified Crisis Chaplain with the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, a certified grief recovery specialist with the Grief Recovery Institute, and has earned the ICISF Certificate of Specialized Training in Emergency Services.
He brings unique tools for crisis intervention into the classroom setting, based on his training, education and personal experience.

To speak with David regarding upcoming trainings or to have him assist your agency, call 209-247-0438 or email